The next steps in karting

Once you have had a taste of karting, perhaps within the BSKC, or at an indoor circuit, you may wish to take things further. There are plenty of ways to get racing on a more regular basis and this is a guide to help you do just that.

Most importantly do not rush out and buy the first kart that you see!

"Arrive-and-drive" racing at NKA Circuits.

The simplest way to get more involved in racing on a regular basis is to get in touch with your local National Karting Association (NKA) circuit. At NKA circuits you do not need your own kart to race, you simply turn up and drive just as you do in the BSKC.

Most NKA circuits operate racing schools and run their own championships and many current British racing drivers in single seaters and touring cars have started at an NKA circuit.

The NKA are an organisation that promotes the highest standards in safety and have been instrumental in the professionalisation of the karting industry in the UK.


To find out more about the NKA and to find your nearest NKA circuit click here

Local club racing

Virtually all professional racing drivers these days start in karting. Jenson Button and Lewis Hamilton did just the same. The first steps in taking up motor racing as a sport should be to start racing at your local kart club.

These clubs are not the indoor / outdoor arrive-and-drive karting venues used in the BSKC. Instead they are clubs which hold race meetings for drivers that own and race their own karts. You can find your local kart club on the "members" page of the ABkC (Association of British Kart Clubs) website The ABkC binds the kart clubs together to offer common regulations and the interchange of drivers, so once you join one club you will usually be able to race at any of the others as a guest. Clubs are always on the lookout for volunteer marshals and officials as well.

Arks_tkm Arks_lgk

Before you can race at your local kart club, you will need do several things:

1) Buy the Start Karting info pack from Motorsport UK or an ARKS School

This is an essential step, costs £60 and contains your Novice Driver License application form, karting regulations and DVD.

2) Contact your local official kart school and pass an ARKS test:

The Association of Racing Kart Schools (ARKS) exist to introduce drivers to karting in a safe manner. You will need to find your nearest Kart School on the ARKS website This is the best way to begin your racing career because they will be able to offer professional tuition and advice to guide you in the right direction. They will also be able to offer you an introductory course in a proper race kart for not too much expenditure.

You will eventually need to take an ARKS Novice Driver Test before you can start racing competitively. The ARKS Novice Driver Test costs £98 and consists of a driving test and multiple choice questionnaire covering the all important regulations. Getting to know your ARKS Kart School as early as possible is a good idea. So get in touch!

3) Join your local Kart Club

As mentioned earlier you can find out your local Kart Club from the list of the ABkC's website: This will be the club where you start racing. It is a good idea to get to know the club's organisers and the other drivers. They can offer you advice on all aspects of karting most importantly on the subject of what type of kart to buy.

4) Send in your Motorsport UK competition license application

Send in your Motorsport UK competition license application form (mentioned earlier) to Motorsport UK.

If you are over 18 years old you will need to complete a medical from your doctor. Details are on the license application form. Your competition license application fee is free for under 16s otherwise it is £36.

5) Buy a kart

Having gotten to know the types of karts on the market through the advice from your local ARKS Kart School and your local Kart Club, you will need, in most circumstance, to buy a kart so that you can race it in your local kart club.

There are many types of classes (different engines types, age groups etc) so it is wise to spend as much time as possible researching by talking to as many people as possible before buying a kart. Choosing a class that is well supported is essential to avoid wasting your money. So do your research!

6) Enter your first race at your local kart club

Once you've done all of the above, you'll be able to enter your first race and enjoy the thrill of karting for years to come.

The Association of Racing Kart Schools and the Association of British Kart Clubs are proud to be partners in the British Schools Karting Championship and wish all participants success, but above all, have fun and enjoy the karting.

Head over to ARKS' Start Karting website

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Karting At University

If you're heading on to university after school, you simply have to take part in the British Universities Karting Championship. The BUKC is the BSKC's older sibling and without the BUKC, the BSKC wouldn't exist.

Bukc_logo Bukc_photo_start_line

The principles behind the British Universities Karting Championship (BUKC) are the same as the BSKC except the BUKC is all about high performance outdoor 2-stroke karting. Teams compete against other universities on the fastest fleet of arrive-and-drive karts in the world. Like the BSKC, all karts, suits, helmets are provided. Drivers simply turn up and drive.

Teams consist of 4 drivers in the BUKC (rather than 3 as in the BSKC) and the championship visits some of the best outdoor circuits in the country.

The karts provided by the BUKC are totally different to the ones used in the BSKC. The engines are high powered 2-stroke TKM Extreme engines which rev to 14,000 rpm and accelerate the BUKC karts to 60mph in around 4.5s. They are also significantly lighter and maintained to the highest degree. These are serious racing machines and utterly awesome to drive.

Because the karts are so powerful, there are various test days for drivers to familiarise themselves with the karts. Testing generally kicks off in the middle of October with qualifiers taking place in November. The main championships kick off in February and runs until April. So if you're heading to university this autumn, get in touch with your university's karting club by checking out the BUKC website:

The BUKC attracts the finest racing talent including British and ex European champions who have gone on to university whilst at the same time being open to hundreds of beginners every year. Every year the number of drivers from the BSKC graduating to the BUKC increases. It is awesome to see drivers who started in the BSKC moving on to racing in the BUKC and doing really well and enjoying the fantastic social side to the championship too.

Bukc_karts3 Bukc_photo_drivers

BUKC Promo Video

Check out the BUKC promo video:

National "Arrive-and-drive" championships

If you want to race in a nation-wide championship but don't want the hassle and expense of running your own kart then racing in a national "Arrive-and-drive" championship such as CLUB100 may well be the perfect choice for you.

Club100_logo_square Bukc_karts

CLUB100 are the pioneers of high performance national "arrive-and-drive" kart racing. You simply turn up and drive much like you would do when racing in the BSKC. However you get to race in high performance 2-stroke karts which accelerate to a top speed of 60mph in about 4.5 seconds and are much lighter than a normal kart that you would normally drive in the BSKC. As a result the karts are awesome fun to drive.

The special thing about CLUB100 is that all the karts are identical and expertly maintained by a team of technicians between events. There is no element of cheque book racing, you simply cannot buy yourself an advantage. It is all down to driver skill - the way it should be!

Many drivers who have raced in CLUB100 have gone on to race and do very well in other forms of motor sport. And back in the day CLUB100 were also one of the first companies to sponsor Lewis Hamilton!

CLUB100 run events all over the country. For more information head to

To see what CLUB100 is all about check out this video taking at Whilton Mill in 2016:


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