What is the BSKC?

The BSKC is an arrive & drive karting championship for students aged 13 – 18. Teams are made up of 3 drivers, only one of which can have ever held a Motor Sport Association racing licence. Find out more about the championship


Getting invovled

To get involved in the BSKC you will need:

  • 2 team mates (making a team of 3)
  • A teacher to act as a team captain
  • To pay the £179.99 entry fee
However, don't worry if any of these is a problem. Read on, this page is here to help!

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Two more team mates

If you don’t know anyone else in your school who has karted before don’t worry. Download the BSKC Poster and Signup Sheets for the school/college notice board (get permission before you put it up!). When you do find your team mates make sure that no more than 1 has an Motorsport UK licence.

Download BSKC Poster: Poster_thumb
Download BSKC Signup Sheet: Signup_sheet_thumb

Team Captain

It is possible to enter the BSKC without the backing of the school/college but we always recommend getting your school involved – it can really help. Approaching a teacher is the first part of the process. You may be surprised at the reaction you get; the best teachers will be receptive and help students that demonstrate the drive to get involved in a team event. If you do get knocked back try another teacher or try again a week or two later. Persistence will really demonstrate how much this means to you! If you really can’t get the school onside then a parent can act as team captain.

Entry Fee

The entry fee for the BSKC is £179.99 per team (£60.0 per driver). This must be paid by 7th February. You may find that your school can help with this but if not then using creative thinking there are lots of ways of helping to fund the entry from sponsorship to washing the neighbours cars!


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